Lessons From Daddyhood: Be Like Jesus, But Don’t Take His Job!

I talked before about how over grown our backyard was when we moved in, but I’ve never told you about our fig tree.  I’m assuming it was planted, but it may have grown on it’s own.  Either way, it’s in a horrible place.  Fig tees grow incredible wide and have branches that grow out in every direction and take strange turns as well.  They just look like a mangled mess!  This one is in a corner of out yard where it has no room to grow and either needed to be moved or cut down and since I don’t have the time to move it, we decided to cut it down.  But it does not matter how hard I try to kill that thing…it won’t die!  It keeps growing back and it currently is the size of a small bush.

So, now that you know the back story with this tree, let me tell you what I learned from watching Davis.  We were playing in the back yard the other day and while he was occupied with his toys, I took the chance to work on cutting back the fig “bush”.  I knew that Davis was watching me, so I should have been surprised by what he did next.  He got up an took a stick and stared hitting all the other bushes in the backyard.  He was trying to mimic me and when I told him that we do not hit bushes because that hurts them, he immediately pointed to the bush I was “hurting”.  I realized there was no way he was going to understand the difference.  I was able comprehend that some bushes needed trimming or in this case, destroying…but Davis can’t understand that right now.  I began to ask the Lord to give me wisdom to re-direct and teach him to just obey me even if he does not understand.  It was then that God reminded me of John 15:1-8.  
I love this passage, but God was wanting me to see that while it’s easy to get excited about Him bringing health to His Body, it’s His job to prune…not mine.  Ministers these days can get really excited about cutting things that seem to get in the way of people getting back to the basics.  We have lots of justification for it.  But are cutting because we are trying to the pruning or are we cutting out of obedience to The Gardner?  I heard the Lord tell me that I need to make sure I don’t run out ahead of Him and just copy what I see Him doing.  I need to stay beside Him and do only what He tells me to do.  
I hope you will take a moment and think through this in your own life.  Is there any area that you are trying to do God’s job for Him?  Is God wanting you to settle down and just obey?

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