Lesson From Daddyhood: He Is More Able Than I Am

Yesterday evening Davis and I were playing hard and I had him laughing out loud pretty good.  We have a great time together and the last 21 months have been amazing!  But, yesterday I realized that Davis is the only one of my children (#2 is on the way!) that I will have that kind of time with.  I fully plan on playing and spending time with the next child, but she won’t ever have two years of her life dedicated to just time with me and Megan.  She will always have to share us.  Davis has never had to do that and I found myself a little sad that my daughter will miss out on that.

There will be lots of daddy-daughter dates, but she may never experience what Davis has the last two years.  In the midst of the realization I was not only humbled by my inability to give everything I want, I was reminded how much more able the Lord is than I am.  He’s not just able to provide more than I can…He can have undivided time with each of His children.

I don’t share Him with you.  You don’t share Him with me.  While we may share in Him…when we are with the Father, He is fully engaged with us all…individually…completely un-distracted.  That is how able our Father is.  While providing for my family can feel like a battle, it’s basic to Him.  No…He goes even further than basic provision.  He gives time in a way that I had never even comprehended until last night.  Don’t take that time He offers for granted.  It was expensive.


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